Dangerous Lights– Is Blue the new UV?

IMG_7843We’re all pretty familiar with Ultra Violet light, and we know that we need UV protection on our sunglasses.   But what you may not know is that blue light, sometimes called High Energy Visible Light (HEV), is different than UV and also extremely damaging to your eyes.

Ultra Violet light is invisible.  These are the shortest and highest energy waves of light.  As UV light approaches the eye, the majority is absorbed by delicate eyelid skin, the cornea, and crystalline lens at the front of your eye.  Here they can cause skin cancers, corneal diseases, and even cataracts—not good by any means, but generally treatable and you are not likely to go blind due to the effects of UV light.

Blue light is visible.  It is made up of longer waves of light that are not stopped by the outer mechanisms of our eyes because we need them to see color.  So this high energy light is going through your cornea and your lens and landing on the delicate cells of your retina.  In our modern digital world, we are encountering more blue light than ever before.  Blue light is causing us greater eye fatigue, ruining our sleep, giving us migraines, and  accelerating the progression of age related macular degeneration—the leading cause of adult blindness.  (Read more about UV and Blue Light here.)

We have been educated about the dangers of UV light, and we have sunglasses to protect our eyes when we are outdoors.  But when we come inside and sit down under a fluorescent lightbulb  to work at our LCD monitor, binge watch  Netflix on our LCD tablet screens, or browse tumblr on our phones—how are we protecting our retinas?

At InVision, we are committed to providing you with education and resources to help you make good decisions about your eye health.   If you have a family history of macular degeneration or questions about how to protect yourself from blue light, we can help!   Your annual comprehensive exam includes a thorough retinal examination, where we dilate your pupils to
inspect the back of your eye, or take an Optomap image to track changes over time.  We recommend Blutech lenses for Woman reading tablet in the dark with blue light on her face.indoor wear to filter out both UV and blue light—you can get them without an Rx or we can make them in your prescription, even a progressive lens!  For computer users fifty and over, Dr. White recommends the Blutech office lens.  He absolutely loves his!
We are excited to be giving away a free pair of Blutech lenses in July!  For each new blog and facebook  follower, or for each share, reblog, or pin, you’ll get an entry—so pass it on!  Friends don’t let friends go blind!


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