Don’t Blink! (Incorrectly)

Stressed businessman with screwed-up eyesThere are certain areas of our lives where we all feel like we know what we’re doing.  We are competent, capable, and confident in our ability to order a pizza, drive a car, or send an email.  You may have thought that blinking would be on that list of things you know how to do, and do well.

You are wrong!

The vast majority of human beings have no idea they have been blinking both of their eyes incorrectly their entire lives.  How much could this matter you ask? What could you possibly be losing out on with your lack-luster blink technique?   Simple answer, a lot.

Partial blinking is a very common problem in people with evaporative dry eye.  Poor blinking can result in increased eye fatigue and reduced vision.  When we look at our computer or television screens for prolonged periods of time we all blink far less than we should which contributes to eye strain–causing discomfort, decreased vision, and even double vision.

Convinced you have a problem? Good job, that is the first step.

We at InVision are blinking experts with years of experience perfecting our essential blinking technique.  Luckily for you, we are also driven to share that knowledge and improve your quality of life.  What can we say?  We’re givers.

First off– make a commitment to yourself to blink every 20 minutes, 20 times a day.  Frequency and consistency are key. You need 30 days of consistent blinking to achieve optimal results.  Set a reminder on your phone, or an egg timer, especially during tasks that require sustained focus.

Next– close both eyes normally, pause two seconds, and open.  Close the eyes normally again, pause two seconds and then aggressively squeeze the lids together for two seconds.  Now, open your eyes and give yourself a pat on the back.  Repeat every 20 minutes.

First Blinking Sequence


Finally– do a self-check.  Place your fingers at the corners of your eyes and blink.  When you are blinking correctly, you should feel no movement under your fingers.  If you feel anything, you are doing it wrong using your defense muscles that run along the side of your head.  Your blinking muscles are above your eyelids.  Try again, practice makes perfect.

Following this technique to consistently and completely blink will stimulate the glands that secrete tears and oils to lubricate your eyes.  You’ll experience less eye fatigue, irritation, redness, and better vision.  If you still have dry eye related symptoms, let us know!  We’re here to help.


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